Angela Bishop Sculptures

ALBA (bronze) 21x28 cms
HAPPINESS (bronze resin) 1200x46cm
SPORTING GUN (cement fondu-resin) 40.5x23 cms
JOELLE (marble-resin) 90x33cm
HAPPINESS (marble-resin) 1200x46cm
ISOSCELES (bronze) 18 x 15cms
Water Pitcher (bronze) 18x13cm
PEACOCK (aluminium-resin) 27x74 cms
YOGA POSE (pigeon) bronze 17.5x 20.5 cms
TORSO (glass) 28 x 21cms
DREAM (plaque) bronze 25x11.5cm
HAT (marble-resin) 34x26cm
BALLET 2 (bronze) 11.5x7cm
BALLET 3 (bronze) 21x7cm
BALLET 4 (Bronze) 18x9cm
PENCHE (bronze) 26.5x24cm
ROMEO & JULIET (bronze) 25.5x25.5cm
JOY (marble-resin) 80x46 cms
ALEXIS (bronze) 28x25 leg8 cm
ENIGMA (bronze) 35x33 cm
SPRINGTIME (bronze) 20x40cm
SUNDRESS (bronze-resin) 20x18.5 cm
HAPPY HOUR (bronze) 21.5x16.5cm

Angela’s work is mostly figurative sculpture, inspired by the beauty and elegance of movement of the human form.

Her sculptures consist of commissions and original works of her own design. All of the processes from the modelling stage to final completion are carried out at home in her garden studios, with the exception of the casting in bronze.
Limited editions are sold to the public, and in order to satisfy differing tastes, they can be cast in different materials.
Commissions undertaken in bronze

Limited Edition Sculptures

As well as commissions, Angela sells her limited edition sculptures at various galleries and through her website. Angela has exhibited in The Mall Gallery, Lloyds of London, The South London Exhibition, Blackheath Gallery, Dover Street, Hampton Court, Wisley and Cornhill Gallery.
Her international reputation is growing after successful exhibitions in Paris and America!



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